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The Implementation of SEA 493:
A Policy Education Series from The Generations Project

Proposed Consumer Driven Guidelines for Transitioning Residents from Nursing Homes

The mission of The Generations Project includes support, information and education services for the Indiana Home Care Task Force. The Task Force is a voluntary alliance of over seventy organizations founded in 1986 to promote and advance the provision of consumer driven home and community based services. Beginning in the spring of this year (2006) the Indiana Division of Aging began promoting "buy outs" of certified nursing home beds as a means to reduce the utilization of publicly funded nursing home care.
The Generations Project and the Task Force have not endorsed nor have they promoted Medicaid bed buy-outs. The Project and the Task Force believe buy-outs are an unnecessary cost. Providing quality and cost effective market place alternatives to nursing home beds is the best way to reduce their utilization. The state also has the power to decertify excess nursing home beds.

Nonetheless, the state is still advancing the utilization of expensive bed buy-outs. Given that reality, Robyn Grant of United Senior Action has crafted a model transition plan for properly moving residents out of nursing facilities that do participate in the bed buy-out program. Robyn, who formerly served as the state's chief long term care ombudsman, wrote the guidelines on behalf of United Senior Action and the Task Force.

Persons wanting to know more about nursing home bed buy-outs are encouraged to read the July and August 2006 editions of the SEA 493 implementation series that is posted on this website.

Click here for the United Senior Action nursing home resident transition guidelines (pdf).